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South Orange County Community College District will be a leader in exemplary teaching and learning, student success and community partnership.


South Orange County Community College District provides a dynamic and innovative learning environment dedicated to student success and economic growth of the region.

South Orange County Community College District Strategic Plan 2011-2014 District-wide Goals

District-wide Goal 1. SOCCCD will create a district-wide culture which is characterized by mutual respect and collaboration and which celebrates the uniqueness of each institution.

District-wide Goal 2. SOCCCD will support innovations that result in quantifiable improvement in student preparedness and success and will facilitate the institutionalization of those innovations across the district.

District-wide Goal 3. SOCCCD will maintain its technological leadership and will make future advancements which enhance student access and success.

District-wide Goal 4. SOCCCD will increase the effective use of all resources by developing and implementing a cycle of integrated district-wide planning.

District-wide Goal 5. SOCCCD will develop, document and implement data-driven district-wide decision-making processes that are collaborative, transparent, efficient and effective.

District-wide Goal 6. SOCCCD will assess the educational needs of the communities within the district boundaries and will pursue joint venture partnerships with educational institutions and business/industry.