South Orange County Community College District


    August 15, 2005



    With a speech fashioned after David Letterman's “top ten list,” Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur welcomed everyone to the beginning of the new academic year. Click on [Opening Session 05] to view the PowerPoint presentation. He concluded with the following comments. “I have examined my leadership style and I am prepared to make some changes for the better. I want to see greater involvement of all faculty and staff in decision-making. None of us are perfect. I want to see greater collaboration, collegiality and cooperation among all concerned parties. I promise to you that I'll do my share in working with you. Let us move forward as we work shoulder-to-shoulder in serving students. Have a great semester and a great year.”



    Gathering before the Opening Session were from right, Trustee John S. Williams, Trustee William O. Jay, Saddleback Professor William Heffernan, and Chancellor Mathur.   Vice President Nancy M. Padberg was in attendance and President David B. Lang gave greetings from the Board via video.


         The start of a new academic year brings fresh hope and excitement for all of us. Fresh faces of students in classrooms. New faculty and other employees to the Colleges. New construction and facelifts of buildings on campus. And, refreshed batteries for those lucky enough to have enjoyed some vacation time. That I'll confess is the reason I'm not standing before you.

         On behalf of the Board, it's my privilege and pleasure to welcome you back. At the same time, I want to thank all of those individuals who worked so diligently on behalf of the Colleges and the District over the summer months in a variety of areas critically important to our physical and educational health and well being. Thanks to those who worked on accreditation matters, facilities maintenance, enrollment issues, security, and a host of other areas that serve our students and local communities.

         Some of the capital infrastructure projects in progress include TAS building repairs, Library renovation, BGS and Math/Science buildings at Saddleback College; the Performing Arts and Business Science Technology buildings and the new Barranca Parkway entrance at Irvine Valley College. We are preparing for the launch of the ATEP campus and focusing on the long-term plans for the Tustin property. In this vein, I encourage all of you to actively participate in the updating of our mater plan that our consultants are assisting us with that is scheduled to be completed by March of 2006.

         These and other initiatives make it important for us to focus and recommit to the disciplined approach of allocating our precious basic aid dollars for one time need and systematically rank our priorities. I will be working with the Chancellor, the Board and all constituent groups in finalizing this policy.

         IVC and Saddleback are also concentrating their efforts on improving enrollments to enable the Colleges to maximize their allocations of overall district resources under our established budget allocation model. In this respect, a committee has been hard at work, with the benefit of seed money from basic aid, developing marketing strategies for the Colleges. The Colleges have been independently developing enrollment management plans that will include more robust distance education and offsite offerings. In this regard, we would encourage you to accommodate as many students as practical in your classes.

         Student learning outcomes has been a major focal point of our accreditation efforts and our desire to provide the best possible experiences for those we work so hard to serve. I am dedicated to seeking your participation and feedback as we strive for academic excellence.

         I thank you again for your dedication and efforts and wish you, and all of us, the best of success in enjoying what I hope will be a wonderful and satisfying academic year.




    The highlight of the Opening Session was Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Ramirez, editorial cartoonist from The Los Angeles Times (pictured at right). The topic of his speech was “Journalism, Citizen Politics and Multi-Cultural Fractionalization in a New World Order.” He emphasized looking at all sides of an issue when creating his cartoons.  He kept everyone laughing and thinking, particularly at the end when showing examples of his work.



    The Chancellor presented “Certificates of Excellence” to 13 members of the District Human Resources Team because of their dedication in handling the extraordinary workload during 2004-2005 in hiring: 35 full time faculty, 148 associate faculty, 10 administrators/ managers, 44 classified staff, and 429 non-bargaining unit staff (short-term, temporary, student help, substitutes, and professional experts).


    Congratulations to Leitha Duvinage, Grace Garcia, Patricia Helton, Bic Jensen, Sandy Jeffries, Toni Lakow, James Laurie, Teddi Lorch, Lori Mangels, Frances Miller, Jake Munns, Lexie Sullivan, and Elaine Waiksnis.



    Saddleback College President Richard McCullough introduced 24 new faculty members and one new administrator. Irvine Valley College President Glenn Roquemore introduced 11 new faculty members and one new administrator. ATEP Provost Robert J. Kopecky and Chancellor Mathur introduced one new manager, each.

    To honor service from five to 35 years, service pins were presented by the Chancellor, Presidents, Deputy Chancellor Gary Poertner, and District Director of Human Resources Teddi Lorch. All pin participants are listed at the end of this update. 


    Receiving the pin for longest service (35 years) was Saddleback College Professor Bob Ferguson.


    Tracy Daly, District Director of Marketing, Government and Community Relations, gave an update on the summer marketing campaign targeted at 18 to 22 year olds. She concluded with three things that everyone can do to promote the Colleges.


    1)   Be positive.

    2)   Think what you can do (take as

          many students as possible in your

          classes, submit articles to

          professional journals and

          publications, attend

          campus events [like Welcome Day

          this Friday], participate in a

          speaker's bureau, and volunteer to

          help promote your College).

    3)   Keep 5 schedules in your car (there

          are potential students everywhere in

          hair salons, gyms and shopping malls

          who would appreciate information).


    Click on RADIO AD to listen to the 60 second spot that aired on KROQ-FM. 




    Opening and closing the session was the Laguna Community Concert Band. They gave an impressive performance of patriotic music. Many thanks go to IVC's David Anderson for arranging the Band's participation.




    Thirty-Five Years

    Bob Ferguson, SC


    Thirty Years

    Nancy Bessette, SC       

    John Cederquist, SC

    Zane Johnson, SC

    Rich Potratz, SC


    Twenty-Five Years

    Bill Brummel, SC

    Bill Cunerty, SC

    Jeanne Egasse, IVC

    Pete Espinosa, SC

    Ginny Giguere, SC

    Craig Grossman, IVC

    Ron Hastings, SC

    Larry Kaufman, IVC

    Helen Locke, IVC

    Francisco Marmolejo, IVC

    Mark McNeil, IVC

    Miki Mikolajczak, SC

    Frank Pangborn, IVC

    Chris Riegle, IVC

    Bill Riley, SC

    Rebecca Rollins, SC

    Kaz Tarui, SC


    Twenty Years

    JoAnn Alford, SC

    Juanita Baltierra, SC

    Barbara Belyea, SC

    Lisa Cavallaro, IVC

    Susan Corum, IVC

    Bill Hewitt, IVC

    James Phaneuf, District

    Susan Nawa Raridon , SC

    Mike Reed, SC

    Dan Rivas, IVC

    Will Summers, SC


    Fifteen Years

    Shu-Yung Chen, IVC

    Patty Kay Evans Wallin, SC

    Dorothy Garant, SC

    Rich Goodman, SC

    Rob Henry, SC

    Carmenmara Hernandez Bravo, SC

    Jane Horlings, SC

    Jeff Horn, IVC

    Roni Lebauer, SC

    Ron Manuel, IVC

    Jeanne Mazique, SC

    Marilyn Radenovic, IVC

    Stephen Rochford, IVC

    Alannah Rosenberg , SC

    Priscilla Ross, IVC

    Bari Rudmann, IVC

    Gita Satyendra , SC

    Kathy Smith, SC

    Gary Stakan, SC

    Susan Stern, IVC

    David Titus, SC

    Julie Willard, IVC


    Ten Years

    Miriam Castroconde, IVC

    John Ozurovich, SC

    John Pettus, IVC

    Kathy Schmeidler, IVC

    Robert Stewart, IVC

    Rick Van Leeuwen, District


    Five Years

    Amy Ahearn, SC

    Mark Blethen, SC

    Zina Boratynec, SC

    Claire Cesareo-Silva, SC

    Ilknur Erbas White, IVC

    Patricia Flanigan, SC

    Antoinette Geldun, IVC

    Donna Gray, IVC

    Matthew Hunt, SC

    Hoa Nguyen, SC

    Joyce Quade, SC

    Vito Scarola, SC

    Dave Shinnick, IVC

    Donna Sneed, IVC

    Amy Stinson, IVC

    Jovan Stojanovski, IVC

    Don Taylor, SC

    Tiffany Tran, IVC

    Pamme Turner, SC


    Update Prepared By

    Tracy Daly
    SOCCCD Marketing, Government & Community Relations